My Liquified Dreams

Anita. 19. Montreal. Newly yogi and vegetarian. Don't take shit from anyone. Zen and Positivity are the motto. On a LIFE journey. Want to know more? Tell me what's on your mind. x

white-mandingo asked:

Your blog is awesome ,i know this is random but I just wanted to say that oh my name is mike its nice too meet you

My Liquified Dreams answered:


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Anonymous asked:

Hey your blog is so motivational!you have an amaizing body!can you please post more before pics if that doesnt bother you?😊

My Liquified Dreams answered:

Ohhh boy..thank you but tbh I did not kept a lot of pictures from before. And even if I did I would probably print them all, put them in a trash can and burn them while dancing in circles, (naked with only tribal painting on my boday) and singing some Queen with a heavy metal voice.

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bulletproof28 asked:

You look incredible. Great job!

My Liquified Dreams answered:

I salute you

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inevitablestyle asked:

omgg, youu are so hawt. idk if youre bi, but i wish you were here sitting on my face ;)

My Liquified Dreams answered:

I just love people! People with penises, people with vaginas, people with both, people with none..but you def is kawaii as fuck yo

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